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Willow & Birch Uprooted

Stargazing Brightening Under Eye Masks

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Brighten & hydrate

2-in-1 hydrogel-formula masks boosted with Vitamin C and snow mushroom add a visibly dreamy radiance to dull, dry under eyes.     

*Patch test on sensitive skin.

Targeted skin concerns:

●    Loss of hydration
●    Uneven skin tone
●    Dullness
●    Dryness

Product Benefits:

●    Helps brighten the look of dark circles
●    Draws moisture into the under eye area
●    Fades the look of discoloration


* Apply to clean & dry under eye area.
* Leave on for 15–20 mins.
* Remove & discard after single use.
* Gently massage in excess serum until it’s fully absorbed. . 
* Marvel at your fresh glow! 

Don’t let the masks’ free-radical fighting power go to waste: protect eyes with sunglasses when exposed to UV rays.