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Willow & Birch Uprooted

REF Furry Family Natural Pet Conditioner

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Furry Family Natural Pet Conditioner all-natural ingredients which untangle and nourish any coat. Including avocado oil which moisturizes dry skin and gives the coat a soft feel.

Furry Family fur care products are 100% vegan, made in Sweden, and tested on humans first. Furry Family has been developing the products in close collaboration together with the Swedish hair care company REF Stockholm, with the mission to create products that not only clean your dog’s fur but also nourish and strengthen it. The products include coat-strengthening vegetable protein, soothing aloe vera for the skin, and moisturizing ProVitamin B5.

✓ Tested on humans first
✓ Made in Sweden
✓ 100% vegan
✓ Developed with a love for animals together with REF Stockholm Professional Haircare.
✓ For all pets with normal to sensitive skin