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Willow & Birch Uprooted

Frost Buddy To-Go Buddy

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The World’s 1st Universal Cup Insulator! 

Goodbye watered down coffee or crappy neoprene sleeves. The To-Go Buddy fits every size hot & cold cup you need and keeps your ice for up to 24 hours. Want to use it as a normal tumbler? That’s fine, just pour it in!

*Black cheetah & sage green include lid with cup but all other colors do not

Material: Double Walled Stainless Steel w/ Copper Lining 

  • Cup Holder Compatible 
  • Hand Wash Recommended
  • Cold 24+ Hours
  • Hot 6+ Hours 
  • Dimensions: 7.4” x 3”
  • Liquid Capacity: 32oz


-12oz Cups

- 16oz Cups

- 20oz Cups

- 30oz Cups

- Starbucks (Small, Medium, Large)

- Dunkin (Small, Medium, Large)

- Dutch Bros (Small, Medium)

- McDonalds (Small, Medium, Large)

- Wendy’s (Small, Medium, Large)

- Pint Of Ice Cream

- Red Solo Cups

 Will NOT Fit:

- 32oz Styrofoam Cups

- 44oz Cups