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Willow & Birch Uprooted

Car Air Freshener

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Make your drive time more pleasant with colorful car air fresheners! These fragrance infused designs are made with special DeoBoost technology to help eliminate malodors and create longer-lasting freshness. Two car air fresheners per package so you can mix and match or keep a spare in your glove box!

Come As You Are-line dried linen, cotton and orange blossom

Living My Best Life-pomegranate, grapefruit, blackberry and mint

Take It Easy-tropical, citrus and forest greens

Yin-Yang Blossoms-eucalyptus, white rosemary and spearmint

Be Kind To All Kinds-tropical, citrus and forest greens

Find Balance-eucalyptus, white rosemary and spearmint

Spread Good Vibes-tropical, citrus and forest greens

Let The Good Times Roll-tropical, citrus and forest greens

Starry Night-tropical, citrus and forest greens

Retro Sunshine-tropical, citrus and forest greens

Dancing Queen-magnolia, gardenia, jasmine and white musk

Dog Mom-line dried linen, cotton and orange blossom